Take part

Do you have a promoter who wants to coach you? And have you found a suitable partner organisation with whom you will realise your project?

Then you can get started with the participation form! Save it first before you start filling it out.
Send the completed application form by the 24th of November 2020 to

We will let you know before the Christmas holidays if your project has been selected. Your project can then start from 2 January 2021. In the spring of 2021, we will festively honour the new laureates and the winners of the previous edition as well as the partner organizations will be invited to show the results of their projects. By the end of December 2021 at the latest, your project will end.


  • The application form will be submitted no later than 24 November 2020 by e-mail to and will be complete.
  • Only alumni, researchers, bachelor’s and master’s students and trainee teachers at the KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts HoGent, the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, LUCA School of Arts, PXL-MAD School of Arts, RITSC, Conservatorium Brussel and Sint Lucas in Antwerp will be considered.
  • Artists can enter the Arts in Society Award several times, but no more than once as a bachelor’s student, as a master’s student, as a trainee teacher, as an alumnus or as a researcher.
  • Alumni will be considered up to a maximum of three years of the most recently awarded qualification at the participating educational partners. If you graduated in 2017, for instance, you can submit a project proposal until the end of 2020.
  • The partner organisation is an organisation from Flanders or Brussels whose day-to-day work brings it into contact with people in a vulnerable position. The partner organisation has vzw/asbl status or is an unincorporated association.
  • The artist is not an employee, director or founder of the partner organisation.
  • Cera will provide a maximum working budget of 1 000 EUR incl. VAT for a collaboration between one artist associated with one of the relevant schools of arts and an organisation. Cera will provide a maximum working budget of 2 500 EUR incl. VAT for a collaboration between three or more artists associated with one of the relevant schools of arts and an organisation.
  • The incurred expenses will be reimbursed to the partner organisation (which manages the budget) on completion of the project, based on the supporting documents and a detailed report. No advances will be paid out.
  • The costs described above are project-related, are not fixed staff or operational costs (electricity, rent, phone, etc.) of the relevant partner organisation.
  • The costs will be approved by Cera, Dēmos and the relevant school of arts before you start work on the project. Cera and Dēmos can contact the artist(s) and the partner organization(s) for clarification of the budget items.
  • The budget must be balanced (income equal to expenditure)
  • The selected projects may start in January 2020 and end in December 2020 at the latest.


  • Quality of the project proposal;
  • Social relevance of the project;
  • Active involvement of people in a vulnerable position
  • Equal co-creation between artist(s) and participants;
  • Impact of the art project or process is a learning experience for both the partner organisation and the artist(s);
  • Feasibility of the project and a realistic budget.