Arts in Society Award

Do you have a particular interest in social challenges? Do you feel stimulated to translate those artistically? Do you dare to leave familiar territory and create a participatory project with people in a vulnerable position?

Then the The Arts in Society Award is cut out for you! This platform seeks to stimulate young artists that are active in different disciplines to develop a participatory art project that tackles a social challenge. This collaboration must be with an organisation that in its daily operations is in contact with people in a vulnerable position.

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theaterproject 'Welkomstfeest', Corinne Heyrman i.s.m. kunstZ KultFunk

For who?

  • Alumni, researchers, bachelor- and master students and students of the specific pedagogical graduate program of KASK & Conservatory / School of Arts HoGent, Royal Conservatory Antwerp, LUCA School of Arts, PXL-MAD School of Arts, RITSC, Royal Conservatory Brussels and Sint Lucas Antwerp.
  • Participating multiple times to the Arts in Society Award is possible, but once at most in each of the following categories: as a bachelor student, master student, student in a specific pedagogical program, alumnus or researcher.
  • Individually or in group: we encourage collaboration with other young artists, but you can also submit a proposal individually.
songwritingsessie, Yentle Vanderiviere i.s.m. Buurtwerk 't Lampeke Judith Vanderiviere

Why participate?

  • For projects of an individual student/alumnus/researcher there may be up to 1.000 euros working budget. For projects with at least 3 students/alumni/researchers there may be up to 2.500 euros working budget for the partner organisation that manages the budget.
  • Maybe your project fits into a course section that you’re following. Check it with your teachers!
  • You can gain a lot of practical experience. You will get the opportunity to work with other artists, a social profit organisation and people in a vulnerable position. You learn how to work project based and amongst other things, develop an action plan and a budget. You will also get the chance to experiment with participational methods.
  • You will experience how you as an artist generate an impact on society and people.
Theaterproject Odessa, Silke Thorrez en Sascha Bornkamp i.s.m. Linguapolis

How to take part?

  • Download the participation form after the end of September 2020. You will find all conditions here.
  • Look for a promotor in the art institution that you are connected with or where you have been studying that can coach you during the project.
  • Look for an organisation in Flanders or Brussels that from its daily practice is in contact with people in a vulnerable position and that would like to submit a proposal with you. These tips will get you on the way in your search for the right partner organisation!
  • If you have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Ann van de Vyvere, coördinator of the Arts in Society Award.
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